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query-loc: find LOCation information in the DNS

First publication of this article on 10 January 2000
Last update on of 17 July 2009

query-loc is a small C program which can be used to find location information (longitude and latitude) in the DNS, if the network administrator did put this information in the DNS.

An example of use :

$  query-loc

This is query-loc, version 0.1.1.

LOCation for is 48 52 00.000 N 2 20 00.000 E 0.00m 1.00m 1000
0.00m 10.00m

query-loc is distributed with BIND, in the contrib/ directory, as well as from query-loc.tar.gz. If you want to participate to the development, the simplest way is to use git and get the sources at FramaGit.

It uses the algorithms described in RFC 1876 (and RFC 1101 to get the network names).

It is free, under the GPL.

It is written and (not a lot) maintained by Stéphane Bortzmeyer <>.

Thanks to Paul Vixie for the RFC and its encouragements. Thanks to Björn Augustsson for the xtraceroute program, which provided the necessary impulse. Thanks to Roland Dirlewanger for extensive patching.

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