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Printing on a Xerox AltaLink from Debian

First publication of this article on 11 April 2024

This is a very short article documenting how I managed to configure a Xerox AltaLink C8130 printer on a Debian machine. No rocket science, it is just that it could have been easier so I document it for the benefits of the people finding this artcle via a search engine, and also for my own benefit if I have to do it again.

I use CUPS for printing on my Debian machine and, without anything special, it worked with the Xerox AltaLink C8130. But without any option (double-sided, stapling, etc). To have the full set of options, I deleted the printer through CUPS' Web interface (the one which is by default at http://localhost:631/) and added it from scratch (Administration → Add a printer). I then choosed "LPD/LPR printer" (I assume it should work as well with IPP but I did not try), then used socket:// as connection parameter (the IP address being of course the printer's address; the easiest way to get it is by printing a test page from the front panel of the printer).

Then, I added the PPD file. This is the important step and it is not easy to find the PPD file on Xerox Web site (a " ppd altalink" in your favorite search engine helps, searching for "drivers" or "download" is useless). The file is labeled "Generic PPD" and its name is

You can then upload it to CUPS through its Web interface and it's done.

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